General Overview

Our company was founded in March 2018 and provides General cleaning Services.

In specific, we perform Dusting and cleaning of all furniture; Emptying and cleaning of all dustbins and shredders; General cleaning of all glass doors and windows; General cleaning of all electrical gadgets, partitions, and wooden doors; washing of all hard floors, corridors and stairways; General cleaning and disinfecting of all toilets; General cleaning and removal of all cobwebs from all ceilings and corridors; Daily gardening (cleaning of the car park, mowing of all the lawns, raking of the garden, pruning of shrubs and hedges, weeding and watering of the garden), and Weekly, monthly, and quarterly general cleaning services.

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A Culture of Excellence

Each and every one of our professional cleaners/janitors are thoroughly trained in respect to each cleaning task and have each successfully completed all of the necessary safety training involved. Our company’s goal is to professionally clean and service each of our customer’s facilities and buildings to the best of our abilities and in the highest standard possible.

At Usoko, we understand that our customers want as few hassles as possible and therefore Usoko shall provide strong service management and direction for each project to ensure services are delivered to you in a smooth and hassle free manner.

We provide outstanding services at a very competitive price

This is why all our ongoing projects are retainerships.