Usoko 97

General Office Cleaning

Dusting of Furniture, Emptying and cleaning of all dustbins and shredders; specialised cleaning of all glass doors and windows; cleaning of all electrical gadgets, partitions, and wooden doors; washing of all hard floors, corridors and stairways; General cleaning and disinfecting of all toilets; General cleaning and removal of all cobwebs from all ceilings and corridors; Daily gardening (cleaning of the car park, mowing of all the lawns, raking of the garden, pruning of shrubs and hedges, weeding and watering of the garden), and Weekly, monthly, and quarterly general cleaning services.

Usoko Signature Clean

To achieve excellent results, we have committed our cleaners to quality processes. Our cleaners receive the most rigorous training in the industry, which is a 2-weeks program to prepare themselves to become career cleaning professionals who are: Owners of their own Usoko Cleaning enterprise, financially vested in the satisfaction of each and every client, well-versed in the latest and most effective cleaning technologies, attuned to the importance of even the smallest details.

Usoko Cleaning Tracker

represents our “hands on” practice of routinely checking our work and benchmarking our
results. This branded process is one of the reasons we consistently earn high satisfaction ratings from
our clients. Many cleaning companies promise this, but unfortunately, few deliver it with sufficient
regularity or depth of measurement. At USOKO Cleaning our approach is much more demanding.

We provide outstanding services at a very competitive price

This is why all our ongoing projects are retainerships.